Anabolic halo pro series side effects

Nothing to say against Jones and Nautilus.
I myself trained according to heavy duty system in the 70ties. Short and intensive units make sense.
As a novice I was very much impressed of this theory.
The experiment with Viator was interesting. But he only regained what he already had before. He didn´t start the experiment as a novice but as a top-bbler who had lost lot´s of his gains. The problem with the experiment is that Jones thought that 63 pounds within 3 month with high intensity training was caused by his machines and his system. No. It was the roids that made Viator grow like grass. And of cause the memory effect.
What Mentzer made out of this experiment compared to Arnold gains was – very politly speaking – wrong.
Over 40 years ago this experiment was thrilling. Today after so many years I know that something like this is absolutely normal. I have seen so many elite lifters loosing “all their gains” within a few month and gaining them back in a short period of time. They start training again and you can see their muscles grow. It doesn´t matter which training – “system” they use.
Again: I think Heavy duty and HIT are good. Make the Colorado experiment with clean athletes today and see what happens.

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Anabolic halo pro series side effects

anabolic halo pro series side effects


anabolic halo pro series side effectsanabolic halo pro series side effectsanabolic halo pro series side effectsanabolic halo pro series side effectsanabolic halo pro series side effects