Bikini competitor steroids

I started throwing myself at sponsors and networking. Within the last year I have landed many gigs through these connections and the reputation I have built. I currently have sponsorships with 7 different companies and an endorsement contract with Beast Sports Nutrtition . So I guess my biggest advice would be to find a way to make yourself stand out! I had a company contact me just from seeing one of my Max Muscle Ads and they wanted me to represent their supplement line. Once you are out there in mass circulation it becomes easier, but the key is getting to that point. Again, its not something that is easily explainable cause I often times wonder how I even got here without necessarily “trying” to become a fitness model.

I have always lived an active lifestyle and my joy for movement was definitely discovered at a young age. I was engaged in gymnastics and dance when I was a toddler and my love for dance took hold of me as I continued to participate in the dance teams in both middle and high school. In my sophomore year of high school I was offered the opportunity to leave my current high school and begin attending college in an accelerated studies program. As always, with success comes sacrifice and this meant leaving dance behind. I willingly pursed my intellectual path and began college at the age of 16 but this didn’t mean I was ready to leave that rush of endorphins that comes with exercise behind! Due to time restraints I began to shift my focus from dance toward the gym and before I knew it…I was hooked! From balancing textbooks on the Stairmaster to super setting workouts, I always managed to find a way to get to the gym.

Bikini competitor steroids

bikini competitor steroids


bikini competitor steroidsbikini competitor steroidsbikini competitor steroidsbikini competitor steroidsbikini competitor steroids