Chicken wings injected with steroids

Mites? Sickness?  
Question Mites? Sickness? One of my two 2-year-old chickens died of some disease/injury yesterday. It might have given that disease to my last … Anemia roo!  
Question Anemia roo!: We found out that our chickens have mites, I am not sure how long they have had them for, and my rooster has been sick for a … Chicken balanced health  Not rated yet
Question Chicken balanced health: Buff Orphington about 2 years old; the last few weeks her ankles and top of the foot and a few toes have become bright … Chickens and Worms, HELP!  Not rated yet
Question Weight loss in chicken: My Hybrid chicken has lost weight she is 2 years old now, she used to be the biggest and heaviest out of our two chicken's … Bugs  Not rated yet
Question Depression, weak, small bugs mites or fleas . Mel, one of my roosters is lovingly nicknamed Smelly Mel From Hell. He has not been … Chicken Mites Or Lice: Why is my Chicken Looking so Sick  Not rated yet
Question She is acting normally and the rest of the flock is fine but this looks horrible! Answer This looks like it could be mites. Some are … Why is my hen's skin so red?  Not rated yet
Question Why is my hen's skin so red? I have a problem with my 3 Barred Rock hens, 1 yr old. They are laying 1 egg a day. Our temperature in … Not egg bound  Not rated yet
Not egg bound: Petey has a swollen, fluid-filled feeling to her abdomen, a prominent keel, and her feet are getting red. This has been going on … Return from Chicken Bugs to Chicken Questions New! Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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Let me just say how thrilled I was to find this recipe. It was after a Google search that I discovered it, and my goodness it did not disappoint! Now I will admit that like others, I was unable to achieve the sticky texture desired for the sauce in my initial baking process. However, it was a simple fix at the end to remove the fluid, place it in a small saute pan and reduce for about 5 minutes. I then rolled the cooked chicken in the sauce and voila. It was a major hit. I served it alongside steamed rice, and par steamed bean sprouts and sugar snap peas. NAGI, thank you so much for a beautiful dish that is now destined to become the latest entry into my repertoire of successful, healthy and flavor packed recipes!

Where do I start?  I am new to smoking meat (preparing it, not eating it!). Your website and recipes have made this a very rewarding (and tasty) experience. I have done a Boston butt, a chicken, the ABTs (my wife absolutely loves these things), and most recently, a rub and sauce recipes do give it a little zing, which we enjoy very much. I did reserve the juice from the brisket to use for reheating…wow…my mouth has begun watering all over again!  The most incredible thing about this is that I never thought I could ever produce anything like this.  You made it easy and my family thinks I'm some kind of BBQ Pitmaster now!  

Chicken wings injected with steroids

chicken wings injected with steroids


chicken wings injected with steroidschicken wings injected with steroidschicken wings injected with steroidschicken wings injected with steroidschicken wings injected with steroids