Dana linn bailey steroids

Listen to muta, if you DROP your bf to the twilight zone (7-9%) at 240, 6', you will look CRAZY HUGE. Testp, trena, mastp at 175/700/350 ed pinning in a SLIGHT deficit, low fat, high carbs, moderate protein will cut you down, then when youre 7-9%, add in 900mg eq, maybe lower tren to 525 or 350 depending on if you can put on weight with tren, and eat like a fucking horse, with some anadrol in there. youll grow ripped. Someone here recently did it and posted photos of before and after, only 16 weeks i believe, looked like a completely new person.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that actors get paid a lot of money to play fictitious characters in movies. Tom Hardy does not make an exception. According to online information, Tom Hardy received over 2 millions for his role in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. % of the population on the planet will never receive a paycheck of this magnitude. There are people out there willing to do almost anything to get their hands on similar sums. Taking steroids could be considered a noble behavior compared to many other things that humanoids do for cash. A couple of testosterone shots? That’s as innocent as kissing a little kitten…

Dana linn bailey steroids

dana linn bailey steroids


dana linn bailey steroidsdana linn bailey steroidsdana linn bailey steroidsdana linn bailey steroidsdana linn bailey steroids