Depo steroid shot for allergic

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No, of course correlation doesn't equal causation, and if you look at my more recent posts you'll understand that I don't believe that.

However, medical science is a very imperfect and poorly understood, um, science. Scientists frequnetly believe that they know all there is to know on a subject--until they discover that they don't.

I cannot begin to count the number of times my doctor has said to me, well, we used to think...but...

If you look at my recent posts about Jenny Tetlock you'll see that scientists--yes, real scientists with letters after their names and everything!--believe that it is very, very paluasible that Gardasil caused an unexpected immune response in her, one that eventually led to her death.

Personally I'd guess that the majority of kids are just fine with Gardasil--but that some have the kind of genetic make-up that makes them far more vulnerable to side-effects. All girls are NOT made in exactly the same way.

Because the mills of science grind exceeding slow, casting an eyeball on anecdotal information helps parents to research and try to understand whether their child might be vulnerable.

I'm sure I hardly need to remind you of all the massive and deadly errors that have been made with medications of various types in the past, from DES and Thalidomyde to Vioxx and the rampant overuse of antibiotics that has proved deadly because of the development of superbugs. Parents are, very rightly, more cautious than they used to be. These are our kids, not statistics.

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Depo steroid shot for allergic

depo steroid shot for allergic


depo steroid shot for allergicdepo steroid shot for allergicdepo steroid shot for allergicdepo steroid shot for allergicdepo steroid shot for allergic