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Dissolved oxygen is a general index of the state of the health of receiving waters. Although minimum concentrations of 5 mg/l and 7 mg/l are frequently used as objectives to protect fish life, higher concentrations are generally desirable to protect sensitive aquatic forms. In areas unaffected by waste discharges, a level of about 85 percent of oxygen saturation exists. A three-month median objective of 80 percent of oxygen saturation allows for some degradation from this level, but still requires a consistently high oxygen content in the receiving water.

Nikola Motor and Tesla Motors don’t have anything in common, except for their names inspired by the famous physicist. Yet the former might be on to something as well, with the recently unveiled electric truck concept .

The Nikola One study offers a 1,200-mile (1,931 km) range and a combined output of more than 2,000 HP and over 3,700 lb-ft (5,017 Nm) of torque, produced by six electric motors (one on each wheel) and a natural gas range extender. Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h), under load, takes around 30 seconds, while a diesel-powered semi would need double that time.

Domestic-supply steroids

domestic-supply steroids


domestic-supply steroidsdomestic-supply steroidsdomestic-supply steroidsdomestic-supply steroidsdomestic-supply steroids