Ferret on steroids dog

We were so enamored by the positive changes in our dog's health, that we invested a great deal of time and money in promoting raw food diets for dogs . That diet is now used by thousands of delighted animal guardians around the world. I believe this to be true: the vast majority of carnivores thrive on the food that Nature has designed over millions of years to sustain life. That is, prey animals like rabbits, rats, deer, mice, lambs, hens, and so on, uncooked. Dogs, being scavengers, also thrive on eggs, berries, fruit and the food that they might find in the prey’s stomach, such as grains and vegetable matter. You should see Edward on walks around the country estate we live on. He picks raspberries from the bushes and jumps to pick apples from the trees. He also enjoys catching and eating rabbits.

Leucillin is effective, reliable and trusted antiseptic skincare which has been formulated to match the skin of your animal.

Leucillin is known to contain no antibiotics or steroids, is non-toxic, skin pH neutral and 100% safe to eyes, mouth, sensitive or allergy prone skin.

Leucillin is specially formulated for the health and skincare of your animal as it is a revolutionary anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal spray.

Leucillin is a new approach to animal healthcare, giving owners the confidence to treat and manage minor skin problems and conditions with an effective and reliable must have first aid tool.

Leucillin out-performs other products with its ability to kill germs that can cause infection, irritation, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin problems that can often harm our animals.

Leucillin provides you with a powerful solution to combat all types of infection.

Suitable for all mammals, birds and reptiles.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

250ml - x 5 x 5cm
500ml - x x

Ferret on steroids dog

ferret on steroids dog


ferret on steroids dogferret on steroids dogferret on steroids dogferret on steroids dogferret on steroids dog