How to clear acne caused by steroids

I am in desperate need of some advice! I have IBS with constipation, and i have had this ever since I was in my teens (i am now 28). I have never really had a huge problem with acne, until I hit 26. I keep breaking out in a fashion that I have never done before. My zits are like boils or blister like. When I pop them it peels my skin away leaving an open huge area like as if a blister popped. They are extremely hard to heal and scar easily. Now I keep breaking out on only my eyebrows, it will not stop!!!! It’s only right on my hair line of my eyebrow. The pimples become blister like and pop and take weeks to heal. It keeps happening I literally never am pimple or problem free on my eyebrows. It’s really affecting my self esteem because it looks aweful and I can’t pinpoint what is going on or how to treat it. I am constipated regularly, I have to take medicine to have a bm otherwise I will go up to a week without going. Is this what is causing these eyebrow zits, and my blister type breakouts? Or what part of my body internally is causing only breakouts in that area? I am so miserable I just want my normal face and skin back! Please help!!!

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Hey Ashley! Have you ever tried taking vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)? Apparently, when you get stressed out, it depletes you B5 levels, which might be involved in triggering acne through several pathways, I’m learning. Coffee just tends to make you more stressed out, and boosts your adrenal gland’s synthesis of cortisol and other hormones (which uses up vitamin B5). I’m really curious if taking 2-4 capsules of vitamin B5 daily would prevent coffee from triggering acne, by restoring B5 levels depleted by stress hormone synthesis! I’ve just started taking 2 capsules a day of NOW Pantothenic Acid and have noticed a huge increase in energy, which is amazing having struggled with adrenal fatigue for 3 years now.

How to clear acne caused by steroids

how to clear acne caused by steroids


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