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The Arabians drew them as Peacocks , from which came a mediaeval title, Duo Pavones ; some of the Chaldaeans and Phoenicians, as a Pair of Kids following Auriga and the Goat, or as Two Gazelles ; the Egyptians, as Two Sprouting Plants ; and Brown reproduces a Euphratean representation of a couple of {Page 225} small, naked, male child-figures, one standing upon its head and the other standing upon the former, feet to feet; the original Twins being the sun and moon, when the one is up the other is generally down; a variant representation showing the positions reversed and the figures clothed.

When you see your doctor or nurse about asthma, they will usually ask you to blow into a small device called a peak flow meter (PEF meter). This can help show you how well your asthma is being controlled. People with asthma can measure their peak flow with their own meter  – this is particularly useful for people who often have attacks. It enables you to keep a close check on your condition and helps to warn when you need extra treatment and medical advice. This can form part of a plan of action, agreed between you and your doctor/nurse. This will make it easier for you to manage your own asthma.

Tamamo no Mae: Much like Vlad, Orion has the misfortune of having a rather bad Arts card (remedied with an AQQ chain). However, Tamamo grants Orion NP gauge, heals to make use of her defense buff and high HP stat, as well as the all-important Fox Wedding Arts buff that boosts Orion’s damage to high levels. Skill cooldown also helps Orion use her dodge more often, in time for enemy Noble Phantasms. One of the best teams for the future Ibaraki Raid event was Orion Tamamo Waver, in which they could permanently prevent Ibaraki from using her NP due to NP drain skills.

Orion steroids

orion steroids


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