Prelone steroid

Hi!My story isnt so serious as yours but it is similar!My son who is turing 3 in 1 week had also a chest problem sicne he was 1 years old! He had a traumatic birth as he swallowed amniotic fluid and spent 1 week in ICU after birth as his apgar scores were 7/10 and then 8/10!He seemed fine when he was a baby but his left lung was weak I was told..Whe he got older he kept getting a weezy chest!One day it was soo bad when we were playing in the garden I had to phone the doctor on the SAterday morning!Well his peadicatrician prescribed antibiotics etc..Plus I enebulised him 3 times a day!I found the only thing that helped wa sthe enebuliser!We ahve hired it about 8 times in 2 years!When he started playgroup he got very ill but for the last few months he has seemed fine and I was told children eventually outgrow "wet lungs"!?I wish you both well as I know how worrying it can be!

Most other patients, including children , will be given alternate day therapy. Doses of 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 mg will be given every six hours every other day to follow the body's natural adrenal rhythm. Your body will need to be monitored before you start your dosage pack to determine if your rhythm lasts for or days to determine when you should take your doses. Be very careful to take your dosage on the schedule that you have been prescribed. Do not alter the timing or the sizing of your doses for any reason unless given the express order to do so from your doctor.

Prelone steroid

prelone steroid


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