Space eggsteroids 4

Because so many people liked this game, Rovio Mobile released special editions of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Seasons , Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Magic . The special versions are basically the same game with some differences. In Angry Birds Seasons there are levels inspired by holidays or seasons. Angry Birds Rio is set in Rio de Janeiro and instead of pigs and wingless birds there are monkeys and birds from the movie Rio . Angry Birds Magic is just a special edition for Nokia and for more levels you have to use NFC .

But it isn’t quite done for me yet. I played around between your strat and the one proposed by @trishohara . I did raise my score by over 2k using under the cookie first (into left structure) – then Over the cookie into the far right tower, or lower right into the bottom debris depending on how the first bird did. I have not been able to make your 2nd bird shot work for me yet….I go under the cookie – very high into the lower gravity field or a bit lower (closer) to the planet or measuring out into the joined gravity fields, and no matter which angle I take it just does not get right to the right tower enough to blast it out. I’ll keep trying but challenge is nearly over for today. (psst – just trying out the whine factor to see if it helps me score!). Sorry, I’m too fixated right not to try and write all that in biblical. ;-)

Space eggsteroids 4

space eggsteroids 4


space eggsteroids 4space eggsteroids 4space eggsteroids 4space eggsteroids 4space eggsteroids 4