Steroid cloud guy

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I need to replace a mattress that has been used for a guest room. However after reading your site I am wondering if I need to focus on our bed. My wife and I are sleeping on a Tempurpedic which I spent a bunch of money on around 8 years ago. I was living in Michigan at the time but just moved to Florida. I have had trouble getting a good night’s sleep but think that is more about other things than mattresses. Anyway, trying to get some of your advice. My wife is 5’2″ and 122 lbs and she sleeps on side and stomach and I am 5’10” and 180 lbs and sleep on back and side. I will probably move the Tempurpedic to the guest room and get this new mattress for us. Also, we live very near the Pittsburgh Mattress Factory in Ellenton, Fla. Wondering if that is a good option. Very interested in your feedback

Steroid cloud guy

steroid cloud guy


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