Steroid guy loves himself

In  The Rampaging Hulk #23 , Banner gets cornered by Dewey and Luellen in the bathroom after the pair decide his baby face is ripe for the plucking. Reassuring Bruce that he “won’t like it this time,” they then prepare to have their way with him, which strangely doesn’t anger Banner enough into Hulking out. Fortunately he escapes, but the psychological damage has already been done. Worse still, it’s just one of many appalling incidents in the issue experienced by Banner, including stealing library books, being the cause of domestic abuse, being a part of an attempted suicide and getting offered a job promoting a “massage” parlor. The 70s were crazy.

So, what do you get for your stock purchase? So glad you asked! As a premier investor in Mickey’s New House you will have the ultra-rare opportunity to come out here once a year (travel expenses not covered, of course) to the Mickey’s New House shareholders meeting and hang out for an ENTIRE AFTERNOON. That’s right, you can hang out with me on my couch, drink some beers (bring your own or purchase for $ each), watch some football or whatever else is on TV, and just relax with myself and the family. At 5:00 PM that day, you can cast your vote for the Chairman of the Mickey’s New House Board (don’t stress about it, man, I have more shares than you and I’m the only one on the ballot), and then kindly get the fuck out.

Steroid guy loves himself

steroid guy loves himself


steroid guy loves himselfsteroid guy loves himselfsteroid guy loves himself