Steroid shot for scars

Sometimes called liquid gold, Argan oil is native to Morocco and comes from the kernels of Argan tree. A very rich source of fatty acids and vitamin E, this oil has extremely good moisturizing properties for skin. The anti-oxidants in argan oil makes your skin spotless by fighting off the free radicals. The vitamin E and other fatty acids in this oil makes it beneficial for such dry skin conditions as eczema etc. It repairs your skin beyond your expectations. It also reduces inflammation and thus is a good remedy for not only milia but also acne and pimples.

Can anyone tell me what stung me?????? The various locations across my body suggest either a large jellyfish or a school of small jellyfish. Given the 15cm length of some of the marks we can rule out short tentacled jellyfish. the blisters looked exactly like those in the first photo on this link: http:///encounters_
So it could be a portuguese man of war, but I’ve been told it’s basically impossible to be stung by one and NOT feel it.
Toxic sea grass apparently wouldn’t hurt me this badly.

Hi I had a lisfranc fracture to 1st and 2nd metatarsal in Dec 15. The impact for the break caused large blood clots across my mid foot and as a result I had a large and deep debridement that was covered by a skin graft. Area is about 10cm long by 4cm wide. It’s deep (can fit all my thumb in it vertically). Have been massaging twice a day with bio oil and trying to stretch by flexing my foot. Am doing partial weight bearing for another month before screws come out. One side feels softer but not much change in the other side, which is the deeper side. Anything else I could be doing?

Steroid shot for scars

steroid shot for scars


steroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scarssteroid shot for scars