Steroid shot fungal infection

There is literally no cartilage left in my knees. I have been getting corticosteroid /steroid injections for about 4 years, every 4 or 5 months. My last two didn't seem to work as well but the injection do make a huge difference. I go from descending stairs one at a time with a death grip on the handrail to being able to carefully go down without handrails. Side effects for me are headache and insomnia for a few days. Next I hope to get insurance to approve hyaluronate gel injections. Several names make up the 'Visc' drug. It is known to last longer than steroid injections. Stay upright everyone and stretch those joint muscles.

Hello, Christy,
Activated charcoal can act as an adsorbent (kind of a "chemical sponge") to bind toxins in the gut. If you use a preparation that is safe for people and use a smaller dose, it should be harmless.
If the problem was an insect sting, I doubt that there are any toxins in the gut that the charcoal would help with.
So many times we are unable to determine the source of the allergen.
Kenalog is a long-acting corticosteroid (cortisone) injection that stays in the body for weeks, where the dexamethasone lasts only a couple of days.
Antihistamines like benadryl are often helpful for something like an insect sting, even though most dogs don't get much relief from them in regard to allergic itching.

Oh my dear god. I do not know if anyone is gonna see or care about this comment but you have just saved my life thank you and god bless. Light bulb moment. My grandmother told me to put yogurt on my face as it removes acne. (Old age remedy in the middle east and used to work when I was younger with cucumber and honey). It flared up my acne so bad and NOTHING I PUT ON MY FACE OR IN MY BODY WORKED But now that I’m older and I’ve read up on your blog I found out I may have a fungal infection since the cystic acne on my chin would not budge after coming back from Malaysia and using a sh** ton of products and damaging my skin barrier.

Steroid shot fungal infection

steroid shot fungal infection


steroid shot fungal infectionsteroid shot fungal infectionsteroid shot fungal infectionsteroid shot fungal infectionsteroid shot fungal infection