Steroid use in adolescent males

Evidence obtained from observational studies that male circumcision can decrease the risk of other STIs has been conflicting. Analysis of data regarding subjects enrolled in the randomized sub-Saharan African studies revealed lower rates of herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2) seroconversion (adjusted HR = ) and acquisition of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes (adjusted RR = ) in circumcised men during the two-year follow-up postcircumcision. [32] The rate of HPV infection was also lower in circumcised men in many other countries (OR = ) [32] (Level of Evidence 2). Circumcision was not found to be protective against gonorrhea or chlamydia. [33] No studies have examined the impact of routine neonatal circumcision on STIs other than HIV.

"For years I had been a "junkie"--addicted to prescription and over the counter drugs. used oral and topical anti-inflammatory corticosteroids for 9 years to suppress my eczema/psoriasis. The steroids' side effect nearly killed me and did nothing to cure my eczema. The side effects caused me to swell-up like a balloon and triggered terrible mood swings from deep depression to nasty outburst our rages. Functioning of vital organs such as my liver, kidneys, lungs and spleen were nearly shut down and I thought I would die." Shirley

In a study of 14–15 year old adolescents, girls who engaged in strict dieting practices:
     - Were 18 times more likely to develop an ED within six months than non-dieters
     - Had almost a 20% chance of developing an ED within one year
Girls who dieted moderately were five times more likely to develop an ED within 6 months than non-dieters.
Patton, G. C., Selzer, R., Coffey, C., Carlin, J. B. & Wolfe, R. (1999). Onset of adolescent eating disorders: population based cohort study over 3 years. British Medical Journal , 318, 765-768.

Steroid use in adolescent males

steroid use in adolescent males


steroid use in adolescent malessteroid use in adolescent malessteroid use in adolescent malessteroid use in adolescent malessteroid use in adolescent males