Steroide asthma nebenwirkungen

I’ve bruised pretty easy since I started inhaled steroids. But I didn’t really notice it until AFTER a period of time where I was significantly anemic due to fibroids. At that point I would have just blamed bruising on the anemia anyways.
Once the anemia was resolved though for a couple years I noticed I was STILL getting bruises popping up. Sure enough..!
Are you on hormone replacement from the hysterectomy? I also considered whether or not being on the pill for the fibroids might have contributed, but honestly, I think my bruises predate that experience and I just blamed other stuff (for the years prior to the fibroid/anemia thing I was working in daycare, so I always just presumed it was me bumping into things/kids running at me/play related! 🙂

Unexpectedly, the investigators found that the rate of growth of children in the short-term high-dose strategy group was about centimeters per year less than the rate for children in the low-dose strategy group, even though the high-dose treatments were given only about two weeks per year on average.  While the growth difference was small, the finding echoes previous studies showing that children who take inhaled corticosteroids for asthma may experience a small negative impact on their growth rate. More frequent or prolonged high-dose steroid use in children might increase this adverse effect, the researchers caution.

Steroide asthma nebenwirkungen

steroide asthma nebenwirkungen


steroide asthma nebenwirkungensteroide asthma nebenwirkungensteroide asthma nebenwirkungensteroide asthma nebenwirkungensteroide asthma nebenwirkungen