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Beth maybe based upon today's standards……but I am talking about our biologic standards. Most people reading this are coming to the understanding from their own perception of what fat really is. Leptin became biologically important from an evolutionary standpoint because food was scarce more often then not and most humans had to protect against low leptin levels not high one like we see today. The paradox in this system and why people get confused is that ultra low leptin and ultra high leptin biochemically cause high US CRPs and this shuts down the thyroid. It is protective in food shortage for survival and it kills you with chronic excess due to chronic elevations of cortisol and insulin simultaneously present in the cellular terroir (levee one). This induces mRNA at the DNA level that up-regulates genes that no longer allow p53 gene to protect our genome from oncogenesis. (levee 16)

Trend steroid

trend steroid


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