Xtreme pct anabolic technologies review

There you have it. That is my breakdown of how LGD 4033 and ostarine stack up against each other. 

Which SARM you use will depend on your fitness and athletic goals. What are you trying to get out of your exercise program? That should answer your question. 

Both SARMs boost athletic performance and improve overall well being. Your libido will increase using both SARMs as well.

Ligandrol is more powerful and potent of the two but each SARM deserves its own research because they do not operate the same way. 

LGD 4033 is much better for bulking and recomposition than ostarine due to its potency and strength. It will work very well for experienced researchers.

Ostarine is more ideal for cutting and losing fat while maintaing strength and size. Because of it's lower potency, ostarine is a good choice for newbies to research for this fitness goal. 

Determine what you want out of your research and that will determine which product you order. 

I think you guys have a good idea of where to go from here. 

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Ray Kingsman

Duh. Of course you can. That is another one of the beauties about this product. 

Everyone is going to say you should stack LGD with other SARMs (andarine, ostarine, testolone). In theory, this makes sense because all SARMs work slightly differently and have different molecular pathways. 

However, I recommend stacking Ligandrol with non-androgenic muscle builder. This is so your natural testosterone level do not crash and shutdown. This can happen if you take high doses of multiple SARMs at once. 

For bulking, the best product to couple LGD 4033 with is MK-677 (Nutrobal).

MK 677 is a growth hormone sectregogue. Basically, it makes your body produce more growth hormone. I will guide on this compound soon.

Long story short, MK 677 does not affect your natural testosterone levels. It's only side effect is your appetite goes way up.

You can also cycle MK 677 for up to 16 weeks. That means you can use into your post cycle therapy to help you keep the gains you made while on cycle. 

Another good option is   Laxogenin . Laxogenin is a unique plant steroid that is also non androgenic and greatly increases protein synthesis in the body. 

This will help you drive up your strength gains even further and give you an endurance boost. That way you can lift more weight 

Laxogenin also does not have any effect on your natural testosterone levels and it has no known side effects either. 

If you wanted, you could stack Mk 677, Laxogenin, and Ligandrol together. It would be completely safe and you would no side effects. 

I know several people who have done this and they saw insane gains and not too much suppression with their natural testosterone production.

Nothing they could not recover from quickly with proper post cycle therapy. 

For recomposition and lean bulks, you could also stack these with SR 9009 or Cardarine. Both are endurance compounds that help melt away fat. 

Great to help you do a lean bulk in small doses. They are also non androgenic compounds and can have extended research cycles as well.

What you stack Ligandrol with will depend on your goals. But you cannot go wrong here with the options above.

Just try not not to stack with other androgenic compounds (AAS, pro hormones, other SARMs). You will risk you natural testosterone production shutting down.

That takes away one of the biggest advantages to using SARMs. But you have a lot of options.  

Xtreme pct anabolic technologies review

xtreme pct anabolic technologies review


xtreme pct anabolic technologies reviewxtreme pct anabolic technologies reviewxtreme pct anabolic technologies reviewxtreme pct anabolic technologies reviewxtreme pct anabolic technologies review